4 Reasons To Drink Water Even When It’s Chilly

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When it’s cold, some people don’t drink enough water. This is because in cold weather, the need to replenish water is not well felt. Exercising in  cool weather  increases your chances of becoming dehydrated . When you start short of breath with exercise,  cold air enters your lungs. At this time, the lungs work diligently to warm this air and  create a humid environment . To reduce this burden, you  need to replenish moisture even  in cold weather .

Water improves digestion, flushes out accumulated waste products, hydrates the skin, and helps to lose weight. What is the safe and healthy way to drink the water you must drink every day  ?

◆ Check water through urine

If your urine is large and light in color, it means that you are replenishing fluid enough. Conversely  , if the color of urine is  dark or small,  it means that you are not drinking enough water, so  you should increase your water intake . It is appropriate to urinate  once every 3 to 4 hours  .

◆ The temperature of the water depends on the situation.

It is best to drink  cold water , which absorbs quickly, during  exercise that sweats a lot . Drinking lukewarm water similar to the room temperature is  a way to drink  water while stimulating the intestines less .

◆ Do not store at room temperature for a long time.

Do not drink water that has been left at room temperature for a long time. This is because bacteria multiply. In addition, according to a research team at the University of Florida, drivers have  a habit of keeping bottled water in the car for a  long time and drinking such water, which  has high levels of carcinogens and  environmental hormones . It is desirable to drink water from a cup or from a plastic container  right away.

◆ Pay attention to filters

Few households use tap water as drinking water. The reason is that even if the water at the water purification plant is clean and safe, the hygiene of the pipes and water tanks that the water has to go through in the process of reaching the home cannot be guaranteed.

During this process,  impurities may mix and  rust may flow out. Until a more reliable system is put in place for the water supply to the home, it is better to pay  attention to a filter that can  remove contaminants .

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