5 Exercises To Improve Your Posture And Reduce Fatigue

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People who are accustomed to bad posture can correct their posture by releasing stiff muscles and joints and increasing muscle density . This is because it increases flexibility and improves the strength to support the body. If you check your posture and regularly exercise around the areas that need correction, your posture will improve and you can relieve pain or fatigue .

◆ Relax your shoulders

If the back neck or shoulder muscles are often tight and stiff, you need to loosen the shoulder muscles. If the pain in this area is left unattended, a neck disc or shoulder joint disease may occur and the pain may become chronic.

Shoulder loosening exercises can be done standing or sitting at your convenience. After relaxing your body, inhale as you lift your shoulders so that they are in line with your ears . As you exhale again, lower your shoulders slightly. Repeat this movement 5 to 10 times a day to gently loosen the shoulder muscles.

◆ Release the chest

Raise your arms to shoulder height and straighten them from side to side. With your arms straight, raise your hands at a right angle and then bend them backwards. Breathe slowly 3 to 5 times while bending the chest as if it were being pulled . If you repeat this posture, you can strengthen the chest muscles and prevent the chest area from shrinking and worsening the posture.

◆ flank extension

In a standing position, place your left hand on top of your head, and in that state, tilt your head , shoulders, and torso to the right as a whole and bend. At this time, the lower body should be kept in an upright posture to help loosen the spine and pelvis . Repeat the same action for the opposite direction.

◆ Sit in a transparent chair

This exercise, in which you sit as if there is no chair but a chair, is also known as the squat . Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees at right angles, and extend your arms out in front of you. This posture helps to strengthen the leg muscles and balance the lower body and both legs .

◆ Pyramid Pose

Spread your legs back and forth and straighten your knees without bending them. As you exhale while holding your arms behind your back, bend your torso forward. Do not bend your back at this time. With the whole body in a pyramid shape , breathe 3 to 5 times . Switch legs and repeat the same posture. The pyramid posture is an exercise that strengthens the overall strength from the spine to the legs and improves flexibility .

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