5 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight

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If you are not losing weight even though you are trying to lose weight, then there may be a problem with the method itself.

This is because, unless you have a special disease such as hypothyroidism that reduces your ability to lose weight, the diet effect should appear as much as you put in effort. According to Women’s Health, an American women’s health magazine, there may be several reasons why you may have difficulty losing weight.

1. Exercising more than necessary

If you exercise every day in a row without skipping a day, it seems to be quite effective for dieting, but it is not necessarily so for people with strong appetites. This is especially true if you do vigorous exercise.

Intense exercise does not recover during the day, so if you exercise again the next day in a state where your body has not recovered, your reward psychology will inevitably grow. that it whets the appetite. In addition, excessive exercise induces a state of chronic shock, which increases the level of stress hormones.

As a result, fatigue increases, the head becomes blank, and appetite and hunger become stronger. If you’re looking to lose weight, 45 minutes to an hour a day, 5 days a week, is enough.

2. Follow your friend’s diet

There are people who follow celebrities’ diet methods exactly as they are, or copy the methods that their friends have found effective. However, each person has a different physical strength, constitution, and disposition.

It is difficult to guarantee that the diet method that someone has seen a great effect will bring the same effect to me. According to a paper published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the best way to succeed in a diet is to choose a method you can afford or prefer.

3. Only do cardio

Aerobic exercise is an exercise that strengthens the heart and burns fat. However, if you add strength training to this, the efficiency will increase.

You need to strengthen your muscles to be in a state where you can burn fat more actively. According to a research team at Harvard University in the United States, strength training activates the metabolism and increases the effect of diet.

According to an experiment conducted by the research team on 10,000 adults, regular strength training was found to be more effective in removing abdominal fat than aerobic exercise. It is not necessary to do strength training every day, and you can add or replace strength training twice a week to your favorite exercises.

4. Avoid carbs and fats

Compulsive avoidance of carbohydrates and fats upsets the balance of the body and causes problems with blood sugar and insulin levels, which hinder the diet.

You need both of these nutrients to lose weight in a healthy way. Rather than cutting out carbs or fats, you can eat while thinking of controlling the amount.

5. Don’t eat too much

The right way to lose weight is to reduce your calorie intake. However, the difference in calorie intake between maintaining the current weight and losing weight is only about 500 calories per day.

This means that you do not need to reduce your intake more than necessary. Rather, if you reduce your calorie intake excessively than necessary, your metabolism slows down and fatigue sets in, making it more difficult to manage your weight.

Even before exercise, it is better to eat foods containing carbohydrates and protein in moderation 2-3 hours before exercise rather than doing it in an overly hungry state. It is because you can reap an effective exercise effect by making it possible to exercise through energy supplementation.

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