5 Situational Exercises

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There are customized exercises that are highly effective for each person. There are also exercises that are necessary depending on the situation . When you feel depressed or want to sleep, the effect is maximized if you exercise accordingly . Fox News of the United States introduced 5 situation-specific exercises to improve the physical condition .

◆ I feel depressed… yoga

Yoga is especially effective when you ‘re feeling down . According to the international academic journal ‘The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine’, it was found that when people with high anxiety practice yoga (one hour a day, three times a week), they feel better. Yoga increases levels of a naturally occurring amino acid called GABA, which reduces anxiety and makes you more cheerful . In addition, if you train the deep breathing method of yoga, you can absorb oxygen efficiently.

◆ Energy upgrade… wheeling

Cycling increases the body’s energy levels in as little as 30 minutes, according to a Greek research team . It is said that the neural circuits in the brain are activated , which makes people stronger. The research team explained, “People think that exercise makes them tired and depleted of energy, but exercise such as biking actually adds vitality to the body.”

◆ Fighting insomnia… pilates _

If you can’t sleep well at night, it’s because your body doesn’t have the ability to relax. To get a good night’s sleep, you must first de-stress. A research team at Appalachian State University in the US  recommends Pilates as the best exercise for a good  night’s sleep .

Pilates is an exercise created by combining Eastern yoga, Zen, and ancient Roman and Greek healing methods. It was developed by Joseph Pilates in the 1920s. It aims to train each part of the body through  repeated movements . Researchers found that people who did Pilates on a mat for 75 minutes each twice a week or 50 minutes three times a week were much less likely to suffer from sleep problems.

◆ To clear your mind… weight training

Weight training is an exercise that builds muscle. According to one study, weight training  also plays a role in developing brain muscles . People who did low-intensity, simple weight training  three to five times a week  for a month were found to perform better on cognitive tests than the general population. Also, according to the journal ‘Archives of Internal Medicine’, if you continue weight training once or twice a week for a year, your  concentration will improve and you will be able to make better decisions at the crossroads of choice  .

◆ To reduce stress… tai chi

Tai Chi is a martial art developed during the Ming Dynasty in China. Recently  , it is gaining popularity as an exercise to clear the mind . According to reports in several academic journals such as the ‘British Journal of Sports Medicine’, Tai Chi is  effective in reducing stress on the body .

Tai Chi is basically performed in a standing position. Through exercise, you use your muscles by continuously moving your body weight back and forth or up and down  You can also breathe rhythmically in this process  . Because the body moves slowly and like flowing water, it  balances the body and has the effect of relieving tension in the muscles and mind. In addition, this exercise plays a role in reviving the qi of the body.

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