Depression At Work… A Good Way?

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In autumn, when climate change is severe , many people feel depressed . As the days get shorter, the physiological effect of decreasing the secretion of serotonin, the happiness hormone, also has an effect. At a time when there are physical changes, an office worker who has difficulties with heavy work and uncomfortable interpersonal relationships is more likely to feel depressed. Studies show that 70% of office workers suffer from depression . Turning away from the situation you are in is avoidance, not overcoming. The Huffington Post, an American media outlet , reported on ways to reduce depression at work.

◆ Early detection of signs

Many people don’t even know they suffer from depression. Even if you do not have a disease, if you feel very tired , lose concentration on work, and waste your time repeatedly, you should suspect depression . A lack of motivation to work even when deadlines are approaching, lethargy and increased stress can be signs of depression .

◆  You must rest your mind.

Just as you need a break after exercising, you  should take a break even when mental fatigue is high  Denying or tolerating your feelings will not improve your mood. If you are in the early stages of depression, you can recover with just a few days of rest. If you work in a depressed mood , your  productivity will drop and the company will suffer. Let’s boldly  use our own right, vacation , without paying attention to our boss. In order to handle one’s work well, the  conditions to control the condition must be given. If you can’t afford to take a break, consider the following methods.

◆  Actively seek treatment

Depression also  needs treatment . If you cannot recover psychological stability just by taking a break, or if you are not in a situation where you can take a break, active treatment is required. Visit the hospital and get active  counseling . Depression is no different from other chronic diseases. The degree of symptom improvement varies depending on how actively and consistently receiving treatment. You may need to practice what you have consulted with your doctor and, if necessary, receive treatment such as  drug therapy  .

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