How To Manage The ‘Condition’ Of The SAT Approaching Your Nose?

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The 2023 math proficiency test is just two weeks away. Before a big exam, I can’t sleep because of anxiety, or maybe because of stress, I pretend to eat at home. Due to the changing seasons, his condition has deteriorated even more, and he is full of worries that he might be infected with Corona 19. Students must take good care of their bodies in order to show their skills.

On SAT days, most of them get up around 6 am to go to the exam site far away from school. At least 7 to 8 hours of deep sleep can help your brain work faster and increase concentration. Sleeping late or drinking too much caffeine to study the day before the exam is a shortcut to ruin your physical condition. Let’s finish our last study at 8~9pm the night before and go to bed at 10~11pm.

It is good to adjust the rhythm of life according to the test schedule a week before the test day. Your body needs to get used to it, so you can raise your condition to the best. The test becomes a battle of concentration if the amount of knowledge or ability to use is the same. The problem of knowing that the conditioning is wrong can also be wrong. If you miss a problem that can be solved, regret remains.

It is also important to avoid disturbing news. Many videos and photos of the recent Itaewon crushing disaster are continuously being shared. It is wise to reduce the use of SNS before the entrance exam, as some people complain of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among those who heard the news of the disaster.

What you eat also has a big impact on your physical condition. The burden of exams and anxiety puts stress on the organs as well, leading to poor digestion. It is better to avoid spicy and salty foods, and eat mainly home-cooked foods that are easy to digest and eat frequently. It is not recommended to have a healthy meal in the morning of the exam day. If you eat too much, blood flow to your digestive system, causing you to lose concentration and fall asleep. Reduce the amount of food to 70% of the normal amount and eat a diet rich in protein and carbohydrates.

You should also consider packed lunches. Some people eat porridge to make the stomach feel comfortable. It is easy to lose concentration because porridge is digested quickly and you are hungry quickly. If you are preparing porridge, prepare a high-protein side dish such as jangjorim or boiled beef. For snacks, dark chocolate, almonds, and fruit yoghurt, which absorb sugar quickly and improve concentration, are good, and it is better to avoid oily fried foods, sweets, and vegetables and fruits that take a long time to digest. It is easy to pretend to eat when you are nervous. It is better to bring a digestive aid that you normally consume or a liquid digestive aid that absorbs quickly.

70% of our body is made up of water, so we need to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. When the brain lacks water and sugar, cognitive ability, concentration, and attention are impaired. In order to maintain good condition, it is better to drink an ionized beverage that contains electrolytes, sugars, and salts. Avoid energy drinks, coffee, and green tea as they promote diuretic action and can cause headaches.

Meanwhile, candidates who have been confirmed with Corona will take the test in a separate space. Candidates undergoing home treatment can take the test at a separate test center in the test district, while those undergoing inpatient treatment can take the test at a designated hospital. There is no need to panic if you develop corona symptoms the day before or on the day of the exam. After reconfirming the symptoms at the temperature measurement site provided at the test site, and if the symptoms persist, the test can be taken in a separate test room after filling out the consent form.

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