‘Low-Quality Stamina’ Is Also OK… Easy Exercise To Lose Weight

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I went to a sports center because I wanted to lose weight, but I often give up halfway through. At first, I am motivated to start a variety of exercises, such as aerobic exercise and strength training, but I need physical strength to continue exercising. However, with ‘low-quality stamina’, which is commonly referred to as exercise, it is difficult to sustain it because it is easily fatigued. This is the difficulty of exercise experienced by obese people with poor physical strength.
Among obese people who decided to exercise, there are people who have good physical strength because of high muscle density, but there are many cases of poor physical strength because they do not like to move and lack of exercise. It’s not just about being motivated, you need to find a workout that’s right for you. You need to start exercising in consideration of your physical strength so that you can continue to exercise interest in it. Find out the easiest way to exercise for obese people with low quality.

◆ If running is difficult > Adjust time, speed, and stride length by walking

Walking is a basic exercise that anyone can easily start regardless of physical strength. In particular, obese people have a heavy body, so if the intensity of exercise is high, muscles or joints are easily damaged. However, walking has a relatively low impact on the human body compared to other exercises, so it is suitable for people who are overweight.
If you are weak, you can start by walking for 15 to 20 minutes every day . Start with a short time at first and gradually increase the time and speed. According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the optimal intensity of walking is 100 steps per minute and 3000 steps in 30 minutes. If you can keep walking for about 30 minutes, then you can increase your walking speed and stride length.

◆ If swimming is difficult > Aqua jogging in the water

Swimming is a typical diet exercise that burns a lot of calories. However, swimming requires a lot of stamina, and it is difficult to participate in aqua aerobics in water. If you have weak physical strength and weak joints that make it difficult to follow swimming and aqua aerobics, aqua jogging can be an alternative. Aqua jogging is a walking exercise in the water.
Aqua jogging is an exercise in which you wear a buoyancy belt that balances your body in the water and move forward while overcoming the resistance of the water without your feet touching the bottom of the pool. Of course, this is a difficult exercise, but it is relatively easy to do compared to swimming and aqua aerobics. It is effective if you increase the exercise time slowly.

◆ If strength training is difficult > Consultation on exercise method with a health trainer

Anyone who wants to lose weight through exercise should do aerobic exercise and strength training at the same time . However, if you are obese with weak physical strength, it is not easy to find a strength training event that suits you. This is because excessive weight can put strain on the joints and easily get tired. In this case, it is important to start using simple exercise equipment such as dumbbells at home or to find a strength training method that is right for you by consulting with a health trainer at a fitness center. At first, it is better to start slowly, even with a small number of accurate movements.

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