Shall We Change The Eating Habits Of Children With A Competitive Spirit?

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Childhood obesity is highly likely to lead to various adult diseases and chronic diseases , so early management is important , but it is not easy. Children have a strong tendency to do whatever they want, regardless of their parents ‘ advice .

” It ‘s important to find ways to help children have healthier eating habits , ” said Jonathan James, a professor of economics at the University of Bath, UK, the lead author of the study .

He continued, “The method using a competitive spirit is more effective than the method of rewarding children when they choose healthy food, ” he explained .

The research team randomly divided 600 students in grades 2-5 from 31 elementary schools into three types of groups. They were placed in a group that was rewarded for their own healthy choices , a group that was rewarded based on their competitive spirit , and a control group . As a result of comparing and observing the three groups, the group that gave a reward by inducing a competitive spirit to see who ate better showed a significant improvement in eating habits .

” How to  incentivize children is often controversial,” said  Michelle Bello , a professor at the University of Edinburgh, a research co-author, on the medical site Medical Express  . there,” he said.

“While methods of inducing and rewarding competition are effective for some students, they may not be a way to improve the health of all students,” he added.

Although this method can be used for  children’s healthy eating habits , the role of leaders such as parents and teachers  is also important. 

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