“The More I Eat, The More Hungry I Get”… 4 Appetite-Inducing Foods

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After you eat a certain amount of food, your brain will naturally feel full. However, the more you eat some food, the more hungry you become, and the more you want to eat something, the stronger your appetite. The hunger we feel appears as a complex action of the stomach, intestines, brain, and pancreas, and as many organs in the body are involved, it is easy to be influenced by the outside. The more you eat strangely, the more hungry you become, the more you learn about foods that stimulate your appetite.

◆ Sweets that taste salty like potato chips

After eating salty sweets like potato chips as a snack, you want to eat sweet sweets. Salty sweets, like simple carbohydrates, are digested quickly, and insulin levels fluctuate . As your insulin levels drop sharply, you automatically crave sweet foods. In other words, salty sweets cannot satisfy hunger, but rather promotes the appetite for sweet foods . After all, salty sweets make you crave sweet foods without feeling full even if you eat a lot.

◆ Foods containing MSG artificial seasoning

The artificial seasoning MSG (sodium L-glutamate) is what you find when cooking at home is lacking in umami . MSG is a substance that improves solubility by binding sodium to glutamic acid, one of the amino acids that make up proteins. MSG is often added to processed foods sold on the market because it enhances the umami taste of food even if a small amount is added.

Controversy over the side effects of MSG continues in the food industry, but there is a study showing that the chemical component of artificial flavoring increases appetite by 40%. Studies have shown that people who eat MSG frequently are three times more likely to be overweight than those who don’t. This is because leptin , a hormone related to appetite regulation and fat cells , is desensitized by MSG.

◆ Carbonated drinks containing sugar and artificial sweeteners

It is natural to gain weight if you frequently drink sweet soda, but one of the reasons is the appetite-stimulating effect. Consuming sweet sodas significantly increases levels of the appetite-stimulating hormone ghrelin , which leads to overeating. Ghrelin is a hormone that makes our body feel hungry.

In addition, artificial sweeteners, mainly contained in carbonated drinks, strongly stimulate the brain cells to receive sweet foods. This process affects the part of the brain that controls hunger, which in turn leads to more cravings for sweet foods. Artificial sweeteners also increase insulin levels as much as real sugar, making them more craving for food.

◆ white bread made from white flour

Since white flour is made by removing the bran, the hull of the grain, a lot of its own fibers have been removed. Since fiber makes you feel full, removing fiber will increase your intake. In addition, eating white bread causes insulin levels to rise sharply , but also to fall faster. This phenomenon is what causes hunger. According to a study in Spain, those who ate two or more servings of white bread daily increased their chances of being overweight or obese by more than 40% .

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