Why Is Iced Americano So Expensive? “Ice Is Embarrassing”

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If you order coffee at a coffee shop, iced americano is 500~1,000 won more expensive than americano. It is understandable that coffee with milk and chocolate is expensive because of the added ingredients. I wonder why iced americano is so expensive.

Iced Americano contains ice that is not found in a warm Americano. However, I do not readily understand that the price is about 500 ~ 1,000 won because of the ice.

Iced Americano is more expensive because of the amount of coffee. This is because the amount of espresso is more than double that of an Americano. Typically, Americano is served by adding warm water to 1 ounce (about 30 ml) of espresso.

Ice Americano is 2 cups of 1 ounce (about 30ml) espresso with cold water and ice added. This is because if you add 1 ounce of espresso to iced Americano, the taste will be dull and you will not be able to feel the taste of coffee properly. If you drink half an iced Americano and drink the coffee after the ice is almost melted, you will notice that the taste is weak.

Of course, there are some places that only add 1 ounce of espresso to an iced Americano and raise the price in the name of ice.

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