5 Brain Health Tips to Fight Dementia

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When you get severely stressed, it also affects the cognitive ability of your brain . As we get older, the cognitive ability of the brain gradually deteriorates .  Is there any way to help maintain brain function ? Experts say that it is important to have a lifestyle that prevents dementia from an early age and strengthens brain function . Find out 5 ways to keep your brain young through exercise and eating foods that are especially good for brain health  .

◆  Focus on strength training and cardiovascular exercise

Research on the relationship between brain cognitive ability and exercise is active . In particular  , there are research results that strength training and cardiovascular exercise have a good effect on brain health . Both mental stimulation and exercise can improve brain health . According to a related study , walking for  1.5 minutes  or 5 minutes of high-intensity interval training lowered the risk of Alzheimer’s disease .

◆  Eat brain-healthy  omega -3  fatty acids

Eating healthy foods is also important for brain health . Beyond eating enough fruits and vegetables, you also need to match the ratio of omega fatty acids . Omega -6  fatty acids are found in meat and vegetable oils , and  omega -3  fatty acids are abundant in fish ,  nuts and . People usually do not consume enough omega -3 compared  to omega -6 . Increasing enough intake of omega -3  fatty acids , such as fish and nuts,  is also very helpful for brain health .

◆  Increase the cognitive ability of the brain through meditation

When worry arises ,  our brain starts to get stressed . The greater this mental stress, the more you experience a decrease in memory and concentration . However, lowering stress levels has been associated with improved cognitive abilities . According to brain-related studies,   it has been shown that meditation or stress-reducing exercise can renew the neural circuits in the brain . If you increase your brain’s cognitive ability through meditation ,  you can keep your brain relatively healthy even as you age .

◆  Communicate face-to-face rather than online

As Internet technology develops, face-to-face communication is becoming less and less common . There are social connections through social media, but none as powerful as meeting people in person in real space and time . There are clear advantages to face-to-face conversations, particularly in terms of empathic skills . Studies  have shown that traditional social relationships ,  such as face-to-face contact,  lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease .

◆  Get used to doing two things by multitasking

Experts advise against spending a lot of time replying to emails . Training the brain to be familiar with two or more tasks or tasks helps improve cognitive abilities . It is to activate other neural circuits in the brain . Technology has a positive side, and some programs can improve multitasking and cognitive abilities . For example ,  surgeons who play video games are said to make fewer mistakes during surgery .

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